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Talent Attraction Tools

Talent Attraction

This toolkit is designed to help you successfully recruit the talent you need.

As an employer, you are best qualified to seek out the right candidates and to persuade them to come work for you.

A team of community partners joined forces to create a video and website aimed at helping job candidates learn more about what life is like for residents of Columbus. Both offer answers to some of the common questions people have when considering a move, like what you can do in your leisure time, the food scene, hiking and biking, cost of living, community engagement opportunities, and more.  We invite you to use these tools. For more information about utilizing these tools, contact the Chamber.

Talent Development

The Columbus Area Chamber supports the regional talent system by working alongside the Community Education Coalition, employers, and educational partners. For more than 20 years, the region has taken a cross-sector approach to create a strong system to help residents of all ages skill up for the area's high-demand, well-paying jobs.

Changing technology creates demand for high-skilled labor who can meet the rapidly-changing needs of employers.  The Columbus Area Economic Growth Council to create a regional roadmap in order to receive the 21st Century Talent Region Designation from the State of Indiana. Learn more about this designation. 

Talent Retention

Two programs of the Chamber are focused on engaging key community members. Those who are able to engage with the community and build strong professional and social connections are more likely to remain in the community.

CYP - Columbus Young Professionals

CYP is a self-governed volunteer group that helps young professionals navigate work, life, and community. CYP members offer professional development, networking events, candidate forums, community events, and volunteer opportunities. Members are often called upon to provide insights on how to make the community more welcoming and livable. There is no age limit for those who wish to participate. More Info...


Growing the Talent Supply


Airpark Columbus includes IU Columbus, Ivy Tech Community College, and Purdue Polytechnic Institute of Columbus. Download the brochure for details.

Choose the best and the brightest candidates from Indiana's top three institutions. Recruiting is now more convenient on a beautiful, easily accessible shared campus. Post your job here.

The Chamber sponsors the Governor's Workforce Ethic Certificate, a reward for those exhibiting the "soft skills" that lead to success, for middle school students.

Columbus, Indiana Civic Identity Resource Book

The creation of this package has been a monumental task meant to provide a resource for all of Columbus, Indiana-its civic and arts organizations, businesses, governmental agencies, educational groups, religious organizations, and more-to help express in words and images what makes Columbus so special. The work Landmark Columbus has done has been made possible by support from Heritage Fund-The Community Foundation of Bartholomew County through a grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. This work also connects to Landmark Columbus Foundation's mission to care for, celebrate and advance the cultural heritage of Columbus.

VIEW this resource.